This page will help you setup your outgoing email account.

After you setup the outgoing email, you can set auto action to send emails automatically for the bookings. Examples for auto action will be added in a different page.

For this example, we will be using gmail account.

First, go to the Outgoing Email page of Beds24

Set Use Own Email Address to: “Yes”

Set your Sending Email Address: to your email address

Set Descriptive Sending Email Address: To the name you want to be shown as the sender’s name

Click save

Set the Email Server

Mail Server:


Password: your email password

Use encryption: SSL

Port number: 465

Click save

Next, we need to set the security level of your gmail account.

Go to your gmail -> My Account

Go to Sign-in & security

Go to the bottom of the page

Turn on: Allow less secure apps


We are done, you can use the test button to make sure that your email has been set properly.